“If you’ve ever wondered why you have a fear of heights or look into the eyes of a stranger and feel as if you know them, the answers may be found in your past lives” says Brian Weiss, MD, New Age Pioneer of Past Life Therapy.

One of the most common signs of a Past Life is ‘déjà vu’—the feeling that you have met a person before or have visited some place previously. How many times have we instantly liked or felt attracted to a complete stranger? Other times just the look of someone makes us angry, afraid and repulses us. We wonder why these feelings surface, when we do not know the person or place.

Often times we see the same vivid dream in minutest detail; night after night with deepening insight. It might be that someone from our family would also be dreaming the same dream! This is a collective memory fragment of past lives lived together and can be explored in Past Life Regression Therapy.

Illnesses, maladies or disfunctionality in the family or clan may have patterns rooted in past lives.

Let me attempt to discuss Healing, using Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) as a modality of Alternate Medicine.

As you read further your innate wisdom will either accept or discard this information & it is fine to do so.

The concept of ‘Karma’ is the theory of cause and effect. It is understood that whatever is committed or omitted in the present life, makes up the blue print for future life times. The Soul will create opportunities to rectify errors of omission & commission in future life times. Actions in one lifetime will create the reality in another.

The Soul journeys from one life time to another, learning from All experiences. It proceeds on its evolutionary path and finally merges with the Divine Consciousness. Energies carrying, trauma, wounds, sadness, violence & sickness are frozen in time. These may be connected to the individual’s own Karma or to the family, community or country Karma.  Healing occurs when the root cause is traced, understood, accepted and the energies released through PLRT.

Life between Life (LBL) sessions can be taken after the initial PLR session is completed. The PLR sessions releases & heals almost all frozen energies that do not serve one any longer. Greater understanding of the Soul’s Journey takes place in the LBL state. Here more advanced lessons are learnt as well as gifts from earlier life times discovered and brought back to the present life.

Past Lives based on Reincarnation and Karma is widely accepted by different cultures and religions across the globe.

Prominent among these are Hinduism and Buddhism. Shamanism has its own unique understanding of Past Lives & healing. Over the past few decades Past Lives and Healing have been researched by doctors, scientists and psychiatrists viz. Dr.Ian Stevenson, Dr. Brian Weiss, Roger Woolger, Dr. Michael Newton, Carol Bowman, Bruce Goldberg, and Dr. Newton Kondavetti (India) to name a few. These persons have spent their entire lives working with PLR Therapy. Collecting and documenting proof of the existence of Past Lives and using PLRT for healing. Due to their tireless work, PLRT has become very popular. Today there has been a dramatic rise in persons wanting to undergo healing through PLR Therapy. Hard core scientists and lay persons alike are attracted to this form of healing.

The rise in popularity of PLRT

So what brought about this huge shift? One of the main reasons was the emergence and development of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. Individuals the world over were getting disillusioned with invasive traditional medicine. Every minor or major issue required many tests and expensive treatments. Many a times this did not result in a satisfactory cure or a healing. The world wanted a more deeper & natural experience of healing as opposed to the curing of symptoms.

Today Past life Regression Therapy has come into its own. In many instances mental, emotional, spiritual & physical issues are resolved quickly, when other medical interventions have failed.

I have facilitated   hundreds of PLR sessions for more than a decade.  Many seemingly irreversible issues have been resolved in one or multiple sessions.

PLRT Success stories

Persons on the verge of divorce have understood their karmic connection & have given a new life to their relationship. Individuals with all kinds of medical ailments have experienced remission of their dis-ease.  Often, finance related issues have their roots in poverty consciousness, the energy of which is frozen in time. When the roots of the situation are discovered and the energy released, individuals feel hugely unburdened & are able to resolve their issues in the present life. Abortions, infertility & infant deaths may also have roots in past lives.

Having said this, PLRT may not heal all issues. Sometimes there is no immediate reversal of the presenting issue. However, after the session the client returns with a sense of peace & understanding, of why the issue manifested in the present life.  There may be one or multiple sessions depending on the willingness of the client to go deeper, as well as the client’s Soul Choice & Karmic Learning. If the process is stuck and not moving, it may be that the Client has some unfinished karmic learning or is not ready.  This has to be discussed with the client after closing the session. If the client still wants to try again, some inner work with meditation needs to be done by the client, before the next PLR session.

Choosing the right PLR Therapist

A PLR session not moving forward or getting stuck could also happen if the therapist’s own unhealed issues come up during the session, creating a dissonance. It could also be that the therapist is not experienced or lacks the skills to go through with a session. In this case the therapist may practice with supportive colleagues, friends & family to get greater experience & develop skills. Past Life regression is a wonderful tool in the therapist’s tool box. Used with discretion & skill it can be a powerful resource for therapy & healing.

Please choose your therapist with care. It is not the amount of courses a Therapist might have completed but the work experience & reputation of the therapist that is important. PLRT like any other treatment can heal as well as cause a great deal of damage to the psyche of the client, if performed by an unskilled or in experienced therapist, especially if a proper closure is not done. The therapist needs to ensure that the client leaves with a sense of hope, even if no immediate resolution has taken place.

About Sophia Roy Choudhury

Sophia Roy Choudhury MD (AM) is the Founder of Cosmic Wisdom Sharing Foundation based in Secunderabad . This trust was founded in memory of her son Capt. Sameer J Roy Choudhury of the Indian Army who was martyred in 2006, while on active army duty. Sophia is a Therapist /Trainer for Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Work & Breath Work . She is also a certified Psychological Counselor and works in a multitude of alternative therapies such as Meditation, Energy Work, Shamanism and so on. She offers all these services free of charge to certain categories of Defense and Police personnel. 

We are proud to have Sophia Roy Choudhury on board as a Thriive-verified PLR Therapy. You can connect with her HERE.

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