Come from your heart my friend
Let us our differences mend
Come let’s gather the fragments of our souls
Let’s rise above the mirage of dividing poles
Of ego’s arrows & intellectual wars
From wombs of compassionate hearts
Come let’s birth a thousand stars
Let the veils of separation part
Let’s hold spaces of love & nurturance
Awaken wisdom, insights, intuition
Come from your heart my friend!

Much has been written about the heart. Poets and storytellers have romanticized the heart. Lovers have pledged undying love, by carving heart symbols on ancient trees.

What exactly does the heart do? How is the heart connected to our emotions and feelings? Let’s explore as we journey into our heart space. Not a romantic journey but one of Heart fullness — of compassion.

It is easy to be caring, understanding and compassionate of those we love. What about those relationships which are not in this space? At times our look, body language or tone of voice may have intentionally upset, hurt or humiliated someone. It could have happened inadvertently. What causes us to lash out in anger or aggression? What allows us to humiliate and hurt others?

Surprisingly it is the fear within us, which arises swiftly and forcefully, especially when we are unaware. Fear is our safety mechanism, our survival aid to protect us from perceived or real harm. Fear lurks within us, in the shadows of our consciousness, in the hurts to our psyche, in our wounded inner children frozen in time. Fear hides within our body as pain and dis-ease, trapped within, waiting to be released.

When we experience a situation, thought or feeling that triggers an unconscious traumatic memory, fear rears its head and lashes out. Offense seems the best form of self-defense. We react to the present situation with memories of the past. Fear rises in our solar plexus, chest and throat. It is only when we become aware of these patterns that we can erase the old tapes and conditioning of our mind.

Our soul is pure love consciousness and the heart is the seat of our soul.

Two basic emotions pervade the Universe — love and fear. Love is felt in the heart and throughout our body. Love’s offsprings are faith, peace, understanding, acceptance, reciprocity, sacrifice, oneness, sharing, joy and compassion. Fear is felt throughout our body, too. It births sadness, insecurity, pain, unworthiness, inequality, anger, aggression, jealousy, hatred and separateness.

The mind tries to reason and prove our reactions to fear are right, even if, deep within, we know it to be untrue. Whereas, the heart tries to compassionately see the situation “as it is.” The heart witnesses, understands and responds without aggression or violence.

When we move away from logic and trying to prove wrong or right, we give our heart a chance to create love and understanding. By allowing a 60-second gap between our fear and reaction, we allow our heart energies to hold a loving container for our emotions and feelings. This fraction of time shifts us out of fear-based reactions to love-based, heart-anchored responses.

Try this simple one-minute, heart-centered activity, to reach a place of deep heart-mind-body connection — a space of fearlessness and wisdom. Practice this in your personal and intimate relationships. When you find this heart magic working for you, extend it for solving issues in other spheres of life.

Our eyes are the windows of our heart.

Let two people in a conflict/fear bind look into each other’s eyes silently and unblinkingly. Their eyes naturally start tearing and magic happens. They see their own vulnerability reflected in the eyes of the other. They instinctively know they are mirroring all that is unacknowledged, disowned or unaccepted within themselves. An understanding of where they come from and what they want occurs.

Deep within their core selves, each person is crying out for love and compassion! They realize their Oneness, as well as their humanness, and accept whatever comes up “as it is.” It does not mean that they continue tolerating what does not serve them anymore. They get empowered to take whatever decisions they need to, with maturity and compassion. This newfound understanding, wisdom and acceptance gets anchored within their hearts. New cell memories are created. One no longer operates from old tapes of fear, hurt and outdated stories of the mind but creates and lives new stories of love and acceptance.

One can choose to “Come from the Heart” whenever one faces a conflicting situation. Meditation enhances our experience and allows for greater insights. A few minutes of daily meditation brings deeper awareness and helps connect to our heart.

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