For many of us, life moves on a fast track. We are constantly jumping from one thing to another. It is all about doing and getting through our day as best as we can. How do we feel at the day’s end? Is there joy of having completed a wonderful day? Are we full of fun and laughter knowing we tackled our challenges to our satisfaction? Or do we feel exhausted, anxious, tense and not exactly looking forward to the next day? Our lifescape changes constantly!

Friends, let us pause for a few minutes and bring our consciousness to what is going on within and outside of us. This small activity will be an intuitive barometer of the vibrations we hold in the moment. This is an easy way of knowing if our body, mind and soul are in alignment.

What do we hear, see or feel? If we are in synchronicity with our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we easily drop into a place of rest and peace. However, if our inner world is chaotic, we feel restless, anxious and heavy, and there is a feeling of being stuck or suffocated.

This happens when we have consciously or unconsciously suppressed or repressed feelings and emotions within ourselves. These are now clamoring to be felt and heard. Our body never lies. It will send out powerful signals that all is not fine. Our business, hyperactivity or workaholism are ways we hide our deeper truth.

When we try to disown, ignore and push away what is overwhelming us, we get separated from our Authentic Self. In this state we overindulge in activities that soon become addictions. Addiction is the short-term placebo for numbing our pain. When we excessively and compulsively eat, have sex, abuse alcohol/substance, shop and so forth, we run away from facing our authentic Self — a Self that is lost and waiting to come home. We feel entrapped and unable to get off the rollercoaster.

Every day dawns and ends in a similar fashion. If this goes on for long, our energies crystallize and freeze at a place in time. This frozen energy now invites dis-ease, depression, mental issues and even accidents. There comes a time when the disconnect between the mind and body becomes overwhelming and terrifying. We then start wandering into the deep and dark places we have created in our inner world. In extreme cases, we are unable to navigate out of these dark realms. In this state we may unconsciously set ourselves up for abuse or become suicidal.

Our soul cries out and wants to return to our authentic Self!

As a therapist working with clients for over two decades, I see many such individuals who are struggling to gather their lost soul fragments.

Friends, if you find yourself in such a situation, never lose hope or give up. Know that you are standing on the threshold of dawn. You will surely find your way back home. Trust the darkness and allow yourself to go forward and through it. Allow someone you trust to shine a compassionate light, as you walk back into the authentic world of your soul.

Know that you are enough!

We are works in progress and deserve all good. We need to create warmth and comfort within us. When we allow our tears to flow and flood our heart with healing waters, the crystalized energy starts thawing.

We take one baby step at a time, allowing our pain, fears and trauma to come up — knowing that we are always held by the Universe in a state of love and grace. Our fear is not banished, but transformed, into an ally. This helps us pass through the darkness with confidence and trust, emerging empowered.

Be aware that however difficult the journey might be, somewhere along the way our Authentic Self is waiting for us. It merges and melds within us as we step into our power. Our heart, body and mind start vibrating in alignment with the Universal energies. Gradually, we start living from a place of authenticity.

We now embody beauty, passion, creativity, hope, joy and peace. We find our way back home! Stay Blessed!

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