The year 2019 will see a huge letting go of stagnant and blocked energies from the Collective Consciousness of the world. New, powerful, rejuvenating energies will pervade the Earth. This will happen with the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine coming together, in an attempt to balance the energies of the Cosmos. Duality consciousness will start shifting into Oneness.

The female will arise like the phoenix to lead the male back into the Garden of Eden. The Fruit of Wisdom will be Universe’s Gift for all those who seek to eat of it.

Children have taken upon themselves to be teachers of their parents and the world, at a great cost to their own physical, emotional and mental being. Some will even sacrifice themselves to impact the shift of world consciousness to peace and love. It is through their great love that the world will embrace non-violence in many spheres of life.

There will be more guardians and Earth Keepers of Mother Earth, who will outnumber those that harm, poison and starve our planet. Though small and insignificant in numbers at present, individuals in various capacities will take ownership of cleaning mountains and water bodies. More trees will be planted and innovative ways of water conservation will emerge. Organic farming and consumers will be on the rise. Artificial disease-causing seeds will be gradually destroyed. Animal hunting tourism and legal killing of wildlife will face great resistance and eradication from awakened individuals worldwide. Wildlife will experience high levels of friendship and security with humans.

The youth will awaken to their social responsibility of caring for the old, sick, hungry and the deprived. They will find innovative methods of doing this, modeled on ancient ways of community living and support.

Addictions will be rampant and at the beginning of its end. Addictions will burn themselves out to reveal a young consciousness of enlightenment and trust in the Universe.

Education systems will offer more holistic and animated methods of learning. Ancient ways of life like shamanism will come into their own.

Greatly gifted and talented children have been born over the past decade, and their numbers will increase. Many of them are highly sensitive and different individuals. They will bring great peace, learning and love into the world. Many creations and discoveries by young children and youth in the field of arts, literature, science, math, anthropology, philosophy and architecture are predicted, and many have already made their presence felt. These will be known and broadcast to the world.

Spirituality and spiritual sciences will spread across the world very rapidly. Spiritual sexuality will be practiced, and there will be a greater tolerance of sexual orientations. Transgenders will experience great spiritual understanding and acceptance of themselves. Many of these will contribute to New World Wisdom.

Scientists are realizing dangers of creating weapons of mass destruction and many will work towards peace.

A greater consciousness will arise to bring peace to the womb, home and environment. This will accelerate harmony in the community and world.

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