Gentle rays of the morning sun,kissing my eyes

Thebreeze whispering my name

My hair, flying in the wind, around my face

A feeling of deep peace rises within

As I see

The vast expanse of bougainvilleashrubs

I catch my breath,the  beautiful panorama unfolding

Along a pathway, serenaded by bird songs

I breathe in pure  air……I have a song to sing

I walk…I swing…I meditate,I silently go within ….

These priceless gifts of the Universe….I know what I feel ….

Yes, Gratitude for all the Latitudes of Grace

The day has started, my routine awaits me

My children….grandchild……my spouse…my work

My beautiful home and garden….call out to me

My pet still in dream land, waiting for a hug

Yes, Gratitude to you All…..for Being in my Life

For your wet lick kiss,my dear Angel, animal guide

A steaming cup of coffee, offered with love

My room cleaned and fresh… breakfast made

Deep gratitude! dear Angel helpers…..

You give me so much love …support…..

Yes, it is easy to feel gratitude ……one might say

Within the graces of a Latitude day

But then what about the Longitudes ?

Does my gratitude  arise so swiftly and lovingly?

At times when all is chaos and I am lost

When time is short and the demands too long

When I win and lose… and loose and win

And don’t know one from another

When my whole being screams …wants out

I am shown mirages of miracles, where none exist

When my dear one is unwell

And I trust and wait, for healing to happen

My body keeps score and can take it no more

I manifest dis-ease, like the switch of a light

Crying, stumbling … and falling inside

The world sees me brave and  whole  outside ….

My heart breaks, into a thousand shards

I try in vain to pick them up

When pain rips out my guts

I face the moment of hidden truth,

Haunting images of the past,

Waiting to be acknowledged, the die is cast

Uninvited, many moons ago

Death had paid me a visit,stole my Beloved

My Young Eagle soared away, too early

Beyond the frontiers of time and space

My half empty nest, now floatsin void

Scared and forlorn, my little one reaches for me

I am too far gone, to hear her desperate plea

On my knees….and down for the count

My Dark Night of the Soul…has begun…..

Alone and helpless Iflounder in the void….

No one to hold on to, bereft of light…..

The Thorn Bird has sung… only chilling silence abounds

Frail body, soulworn and weary

The longroad home…baggage too heavy

Then at last, from the far Longitudes

Appears a light in the seething,smoldering blackness

The beacon sharp and true

Promises a life anew

The last leap of faith, I take

Sailing through the darkness, led by my soul

I look at myself, in the mirror of life

Wise eyes, but my smile, does not reach there yet

Gaunt and thin…..patched and repaired

Light seeping through the cracks, of the mended me

The patched pitcher has a new look

It cannever be the same again

The dawn of a new day, has just begun

Dimly, Ifeel the return of peace

Now the day is tempered, with rain and pain

With dark and light….there are shades of grey in the old white

I AM theancient tree that bends and is not broken

Storm ravaged, yet open toevery season

Deeply rooted in my present, aware of my past, creating my life

Gratitude…. for the Dark night of Soul,the Learning

….Lost but still found, Gratitude, formy beautiful nest

….For all the beauty that is exploding around me

…..For the Baby Angel Being, my Young Eagle Spirit, returning

In another form…..another name….still the same… Gratitude!

…..For having loved and lost…. Than, to have never loved at all

…..To have had and held……to return from the edge of life

To have been down but Now, not out

I look back in awesome wonder

At my Soul Journey out yonder

Offer the Source….my Latitudes and Longitudes of Gratitude!

As I meld and merge with my Self of Ages

Sophia Roy Choudhury

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