Come experience what it is like to be in Deep Contact with your Closest Friend Yourself!
Enjoy two days of connecting to your Authentic Self.
Meet your Innermost Emotions and Feelings, get to know them, honor and give them a place in your heart,
Let the gentle morning welcome you to quietude, feel the wet grass caressing your feet.
Breathe Yourself into Calmness, love your Soul into being completely embodied.
Know that you are a Beautiful Child of the Universe, you have all Wisdom within You.
Understand your Fears, your Hurts, your Pain, your Sadness.
Draw your Dreams, Rewrite your stories, Relax into Yourself
Embrace All that is Whispering to you from when you were a Child,
Come and Play , Be who you are a Free Spirit in a Human Body Temple.
Rest a while and  let the Breeze ruffle your hair the Rain kiss your face.
Let the Wet Earth cling to your body, Experience the Monsoon Magic unfolding !
Hug a Tree, Hear her Whispering your Inner Most Secrets, Sail a paper boat.
Let the gentle morning welcome you to quietude. Feel the wet grass caressing your feet.
Dance to the Rhythm Of your own Rhythm. Eat in mindfulness. Be In the Moment.
As the night falls. Share your stories. Sing your songs. Connect to your group.
Celebrate, Dance to the beat of the Shaman’s drum. Set yourself Free!
Sleep in the Bliss of knowing your reality.

Come Be Reborn, Return to Innocence!

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