“If you’ve ever wondered why you have a fear of heights or look into the eyes of a stranger and feel as if you know them, the answers may be found in your past lives.”

Brian Weiss, MD, the Pioneer of Modern Past Life Regression Therapy.

One of the most common signs of a past life is ‘déjà vu’—the sensation that you have met a person before or have visited some place previously. How many times have we instantly liked or felt attracted to a complete stranger? Other times just the look of someone makes us angry, afraid and evokes repulsion. We wonder why these feelings surface, when we do not even know the person’s name or who they are. I am sure many of us would have felt this way sometimes..

At times, when we visit a new place that we have not even read about or seen pictures off, we get strange sensations. We feel we have seen a particular house or even lived in it! We might intuitively know the directions to the forth coming destination.

We might remark that there is a huge tree as we turn and behind it is a completely white mansion. We  as well as those who are with us are shocked  to find everything exactly as we had ‘’imagined’’ it to be! We might meet someone and know that we have almost every thing in common in fact the other could have been our twin! We may be right, among others, this person may belong to our Soul Group in the Soul realms .We might have known or been related to each other in a Past life/lives.

Often times we see the same vivid dreams in the minutest detail; night after night the same one, with deepening insight.
Often times, someone from our family would also be dreaming the same dream!
This may also be a collective memory fragment of past lives and can be explored in therapy. Illnesses, maladies, dysfunctionality in the family or clan may have patterns rooted in past lives.

When we discuss these strange occurrences with someone we might get a nonchalant answer “Oh may be something to do with your past life!” To those of us who believe or know about past lives this might seem sensible. However, those who do not know or disbelieve the theory of past lives, this may seem ridiculous and completely farfetched from reality.

We then wonder do we really have past lives or is this some ancient theory?

Let me attempt to discuss the concept of Healing, using Past Life Regression therapy as a modality of Alternate Medicine. As you read further your inner wisdom will either accept this or discard it.

The choice, my friends is entirely yours!

The concept of ‘Karma’ is the theory of cause and effect. It is understood that whatever is done or omitted in the present life lays the blue print for the next life time. The Soul will create opportunities to rectify errors of omission & commission in future life times. Past Lives based on reincarnation and Karma is widely accepted by different cultures and religions across the globe. Prominent among these are Hinduism and Buddhism. Other religions like Islam and Christianity do not directly believe in this concept but subscribe to the teachings of Heaven and Hell. Shamanism has its own unique understanding of Past Life & healing.

Actions in one lifetime will create the reality in another. There is no reward or punishment, nor hell and heaven. The soul journeys from one life time to another learning from experiences, proceeding on its evolutionary path and finally merging with the Divine Consciousness. Over the past few decades Past Lives and Healing have been researched by doctors, scientists and psychiatrists viz. Ian Stevenson, Brian Weiss, Roger Woolger, Dr. Michael Newton, Carol Bowman, Bruce Goldberg, and Dr Newton Kondavetti etc.

These persons have spent their entire lives working with PLR Therapy. Collecting and documenting proof of its existence and using this modality for healing. Due to the tireless work of these Masters, PLR Therapy became very popular. There was a dramatic rise in persons wanting to undergo healing through PLR Therapy. Hard core scientists and lay persons alike were attracted to this form of healing.

So what brought about this huge shift? One of the main reasons was the emergence and development of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. Individuals the world over were getting disillusioned with invasive traditional medicine. Every minor or major issue required many tests and expensive treatment. Many a times this did not result in a satisfactory cure.

Holistic healing was the cry of the New Age!

No longer was just symptomatic treatment enough. It had to be an integrated cure of mind, body and soul. Individuals were gradually getting disillusioned with traditional medicine and turned to Alternative Healing remedies. Traditional mental and psychiatric treatment in hospitals and clinics, using drugs is now gradually changing. Inclusive & integrative Mind-Body –Soul approaches are being preferred. This has led to the revival of several ancient and ethnic procedures and approaches. Natural and noninvasive interventions are supporting/complimenting traditional medicine in good measure.  People are now exploring alternative and complimentary approaches. Traditional medicine is still the first choice for life saving, diagnostic testing and major surgical interventions.

Past life Regression Therapy, using Meditation and Hypnosis is a preferred treatment for healing issues concerning mind, body and soul.  PLRT is inclusive of all the three aspects .It aims to find the root cause of the malady by age regressing the client to the mother’s womb stage and beyond into past lives. In a short span of a few sessions tremendous results and healing are experienced.

This would have taken several months if traditional interventions were used.
All skill lies with the therapist as he/she guides the client using appropriate procedures.

Many a times an individual would have tried to get a cure or healing from traditional or other alternate approaches. Visiting a PLR Therapist would generally be a last resort measure. Positive and negative experiences and relationships both create learning opportunities. Unresolved negative experiences are stored in the soul memory which creates energy blocks at an unconscious level. This results in distress, trauma and illness.

During a PLR session, the client is put into an altered state of  mind. Past memories are brought to the surface of the            consciousness, to be experienced or seen. Blocks are cleared and issues resolved in the life time it had happened. The client is guided to the life-between life stage to understand the root cause (s) and a soul over view is obtained. All negative energetic patterns are released; integration is made between the past and present to facilitate a healing in the energetic field. The client returns to the present with deeper insights about his/her issue. Even if some issues cannot be healed, an insight to the cause of the malady will be received by the client, empowering him/her to deal with the issue with equanimity. More over the Client will experience a tremendous sense of relief and well being.

Some issues/concerns that can be dealt using PLR Therapy are:

Abuse related issues
Auto immune disorders
Chronic pain
Conception issues
Certain hearing disorders
Dealing with Grief
Insecurity Issues
Mild Autism
Marital issues
Mental Issues
Mild Autism
Multiple personality disorders
Nightmares Obesity
Phobias & fears
Patterns of disease in the family
Relationship issues
Recurrent Illnesses
Self-esteem issues
Stomach and digestion issues
Suicidal tendencies
Spirit Releasement
Thyroid issues
Soul Purpose and Blue prints
Schizophrenia and similar conditions
Procrastination and inability to complete jobs in hand
Bulimia and Eating disorders

The above conditions/issues have been known to respond favorably to Past Life Regression Therapy. However it has to be understood that like any other healing approach, the client’s intention and participation in the process, his/her Soul Choice and Time of healing is the main factor for successful results. The wonderful tool of Past Life Regression can be successfully used as an Alternative Healing approach.

However the client is always advised to continue using whatever medication or mental healing process that He /she are using. Any change in the same should be done only after consultation with the Doctor or Therapist. As positive results emerge and health is restored these will be reflected in the conventional laboratory tests and reviewed by the doctor or psychiatrist.

I sincerely wish that this article has opened a window into the world of Past Life Regression Therapy

This therapy is taken ahead into advanced stages of soul knowledge and human development by Future Life Progression.

Future Life Progressions opens up portals of possibilities in the Future of the Present Life Time.  You can explore your Life & Soul Purpose using FLPT

The individual connects to his/her oversoul & sees varied possible futures with the intention of getting insights for a particular issue. This is an empowering & important tool for manifesting one’s reality.  Using insights obtained the individual works towards his/her goal with confidence and inner knowing. This process dispels doubts,      fears & negative conditioning of environment & significant others.
For more details about individual PLRT/FLPT therapy and workshops, you may Contact Sophia Roy Choudhury  at 09849050818,
E-mail:  sophiaroy@gmail.com

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