“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi.

Sacred Intimacy Based on Tantra & Mystical approaches

‘Sacred Intimacy’ is a vibrant space where you will be in deep immersion with yourself and your soul partner. This experiential retreat draws upon the ancient art and science of ‘Tantra’ to anchor participants into their own unique energy. This workshop also includes Mystical and deep approaches from other Ancient forms of learning.

Tantra & many other forms of energy approaches were born in India. These studies were taken far and wide across the world by scholars and ‘sadhaks’.

Many schools of Tantra have been established the world over. Some of these have veered far from the actual subject. In the process the original essence has got distorted.

There is a misconception that Tantra is all about sex. To put the issue in its right perspective, Tantra is a ‘Sadhna’, a meditative and deep exploration of life. Sex is an integral part of life & the sacred relationship of intimacy. In these workshops you will learn how to create and sustain an intimate relationship at all levels.

‘Sacred Intimacy’ is based on Tantra & Mystical ancient teachings of love. Of respecting & honoring ourselves & our soul partners. Of being and relating to the Divine Male & Female energies within us. Of embodying Shiva & Shakti into our relationship. Tantra will lead us into the ‘weft and the warp’ of the Sacred Fabric of Intimacy.

Tantra is the Channel that leads us to merging with the Divine through the union of individuals in a committed relationship. It is an ecstatic journey towards Oneness, where all disappears into pure Consciousness. Many mystical teachings are included to further deepen and beautify your experience. Like embroidery on gossamer silk.

Many of you have been searching for answers to deep issues within yourself, not knowing where to go or whom to ask about solutions that you cannot find.

Though India is the birth place of Tantra, there are not many authentic teachers of sacred intimacy.

Many individuals are misguiding people by offering to teach all in a matter of a few days or part time classes.

If the aim is to learn postures and techniques for sex then the internet is a vast source of information. These individuals do not need a workshop.

Your privacy & space is respected at all times. There will not be any nudity or actual sexual contact during sessions of the retreat. The process and activities are inner alchemy and embodiment focused. The retreat is conducted fully clothed. Personal experiential exercises to be done in the participant’s individual room in complete privacy.

What is special about Sacred Intimacy? Tell me more. To highlight the difference between an ‘unconscious – habit based relationship’ and ‘conscious – sacred intimacy’ could be likened to fast food & fine dining.

The former needs a few minutes to quickly eat something that is readily available and inexpensive. One does not give too much thought to this.

Whereas the latter needs your intention, time, patience, interest to taste and enjoy the food. It also requires your willingness to be open & the participation of all your senses. You would like to dress well and to be completely into the experience. The ambiance and mood of your environment would enhance your experience. The former fast food experience would be soon forgotten. Whereas the latter, fine dining experience would live in your memory as beautiful and precious moments. You would want these moments to extend into your daily life and make each day wonderful!

If you wish to continue in a beautiful committed relationship and age together like precious wine, then my friends ‘Sacred Intimacy’ is for you.

In a sacred soul relationship, we understand the power of sensual energy as a Divine transformational force. It is a purifying ‘agni’ that will bring whatever is not of love, up to the surface to be cleansed, loved and transmuted. It is a powerful alchemical process. That is why our ‘Relationship’ can be so intensely polarized, bringing both the highest states of ecstatic bliss and our deepest fears and wounds.

Sacred Intimacy is not just about making each other feel good or to prevent our partner’s pain & loneliness, it is about supporting each other to feel whatever arises in the sacred container of the relationship.

Next, you might wonder why you need to spend time & resources for something that will happen anyhow.

Well my friends falling in love and sex happen anyhow, it is as natural as breathing!

Intimacy happens when you learn how to cherish and nourish your relationship at all energetic levels.

Many a times when the initial euphoria of finding love settles down, certain emotions come up. These are very contrary to the high we were experiencing. As we go deeper, feelings start to arise. Wounds begin to surface and things get out of control. Communication starts breaking down.  Most of the time we don’t have the tools to support these rising wounds.

This is the moment when threads in the fabric –the ‘tana’-‘bana’ (weft & warp) of our relationships starts tearing apart. We may become physically shut down, emotionally distant and sadly at times the relationship breaks down.

We keep repeating the same relationship patterns over and over again. Unfortunately, we will remain in these cycles until we learn how to navigate them and transform our patterns.

You might also ask why I should learn from Sophia?

About Sophia Roy Choudhury (MD) AM.

Sophia has been a seeker and teacher of the spiritual path for over two decades. She facilitates workshops, private group sessions, individual sessions & mentorships for various modalities of Healing & Development.

She is a therapist/trainer for many traditional & nontraditional forms of learning & healing. She has learnt from various schools of thoughts& Masters.

She is a certified Shamanic practitioner & a full Mesa holder, with a Mastery of Time.  She is a keeper of the ‘Munay Ki’ rites. She is an energy worker and Pranic Healer. She is a certified Counseling Psychologist & Hypnotherapist. She is a certified Inner Child Worker/Trainer; Past Life Therapist/Trainer& Breath work Facilitator.

Being guided by someone connected to the source wisdom allows for authentic learning. She has studied Tantra from various Nepali Shamans and Tantrikas of the Nepali/Buddhist Lineages. Her learning was further honed at Osho Rajneesh Ashrams. Many of her teachings are directly channeled through meditation & from esoteric practices of different cultures of the world. She embodies the work she teaches and has journeyed through her own transformational processes and awakenings.

Much of what she teaches is a direct essence of her life experiences. Her long years of guidance, counseling & mentoring of clients have added a rich repertoire of real life case studies & depth to her work.

Workshops/Retreats on ‘Scared Intimacy’ have been created by her. She has developed her teachings from many thoughts, approaches and philosophies spanning different cultures. She is very familiar with various cultures, gender specific and age specific issues of people from India and other countries. She brings her vast experience of learning and teaching to these workshops & retreats.

Her teaching skills and beautiful oratory add a magical quality to every session. Every person who attends her workshops takes away something precious which enhances their quality of life.

Why should I take this programme? How will I benefit from it? It has ALL to do with me! The good news is you can create your own Reality, You can choose how to live the life You Want!

……… Learn How

There are many of you who have a good intimate relationship going.

 You want to take it to the next level. Go deeper into yourselves and your relationship. The Soul, mind, body and heart call out for deeper immersion through the womb of intimacy. You hear and want to answer the call.

However, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many of us seem to be losing ourselves and all that we so deeply desire.

All of us desire love, peace, acceptance, happiness, abundance and relaxation. We are on a fast forward track with much that needs our immediate attention. The priorities of shaping our career, taking care of the needs of family and many other issues take us further away from our core selves. In this scenario, our own self & close relationships are often taken for granted & neglected.

All that we once enjoyed and looked forward to, seem to have become fudged and sadly, at times, nonexistent. We wistfully remember the time when our intimate relationship had started. We wonder where those beautiful moments have gone. Love making seems to have become a habit, lacking thrill and excitement. We have little time or energy to nourish intimacy. Many a times the most precious and joyful moments fall casualty to fatigue, boredom, indifference or lack of time.

We seem to be losing ourselves on many levels. At times we cannot understand the feelings and emotions arising within us. We want to run away from ourselves and our situations. At times we are bored with the mundaneness of it all. We do not seem to understand ourselves, our relationships and Life/Soul purpose. We feel unloved and unloving.

Many a times we suppress, repress or are in denial of our authentic selves.

Many of us have been taught that discussing issues of intimacy are not appropriate. At times our culture and upbringing do not allow us the freedom of expressing our authentic selves even in our most intimate relationships. There is a gender divide between what males and females can think, talk or do in matters of intimacy.

What happened or did not happen to us in our childhood, lays the foundation of who we are in adulthood.

Some of us have never experienced what it is to be in deep intimate immersion with our own selves or/and with a partner. Inspite of our best efforts we are unable to make connections at deeper levels. We yearn to be in an inner world where we are happy, safe, and secure & feel loved. When this need is not fulfilled we feel sad & frustrated.

We feel unloved and are unable to love. We are like the musk deer constantly searching for the illusive ‘Kasturi’ (musk), not knowing it resides within its own belly.

When a break up, separation or divorce happens, there is a lot of blame, guilt and shame going around. We wonder what, if at all, we could have done better to have made it all work?

The journey of guilt, shame and blame takes its toll. At times completely alienating a person from the very idea of a romantic relationship. On the other end of the spectrum one goes through a series of relationships trying to find love. We want to prove to ourselves and the world that our ex or present partner is a misfit, indifferent and unsuitable.

We start searching for that one special person to complete us? We wait for that one fine day everything will be OK and will finally live the life of our dreams?

Sadly, we are on a merry go round of disappointment and reach the same place from where we started. Attracting the very same kind of individuals and relationships we are running away from! We get into various addictive behaviors to escape the pain.

Then, comes a day we realize that too much of thinking, doing or denying is not getting us anywhere! We long to break free of all that prevents us from living a deeply satisfying and blissful life.

Somewhere deep within we get a ray of insight that there is a Dis connection……

Not from others but…..from the ‘Me from myself’.

It All has to do with me! Now the good news is You can create your own Reality, You can choose how to live the life You Want!

You can be the Author, Director, Producer & Actor of Your own life movie! You can change the script & rewrite the parts that do not serve you anymore!

With a deep knowing that you are more than your body. That you are not broken and need no fixing!  You are on the path to finding your way home, in your own way, in as much as your soul is ready.

We believe that one day we will find that dream person & live happily ever after. Well the good news is you can make it happen!

Unknown to yourself, you and your partner are individually all that dreams are made off!  You are beautiful, Divine Beings completely loved and supported by Universe!

We have forgotten that our Soul knows all & inherently empowers us to choose & create the life we want. We just need to Re-Member how.   To learn how to perceive and experience intimacy in more authentic & soul satisfying ways.

Our Authentic Self is eternally calling out for deeper communication and understanding. We intuitively hear & want to operate from our Heart space.

In Sacred Intimacy we accept the highs and the lows. We hold each other through the wounds that arise, as we learn know how to hold ourselves. Now we do not blame each other. Instead we are conscious that our relationship is triggering old wounds to be felt and transformed.

‘Awareness’ is the key to support each other. Sometimes, we journey together and sometimes on our own with our inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

We enter into the ‘Sadhna’ of a mature understanding relationship. To be open, authentic and vulnerable to ourselves and each other. To let go of All that does not serve us and to acquire Divine guidance for a life of Bliss and Joy. Like the deepening flavor and aroma of old wine.

Sacred Intimacy allows us to understand the Journey of our Soul. We understand the soul contracts we created before incarnation and the ones, made in this life time. We understand how our relationship supports our soul growth. We witness the peaks and the valleys of our journey from the perspective of our soul’s evolution.

We are now poised to be empowered emotionally, physically and spiritually. During our journey the sacred codes will be activated within our body & mind temple. We will step into our pure, original essence. To merge at all energetic levels.

We will then marry ourselves, become whole & complete. We will be empowered to co create love with our Soul Partners. To be in and sustain a Divine life of Sacred Intimacy

We commit to being present to what comes up during our journey. We consciously feel, release and transmute our pain into love.

Through this journey you may experience… Insights to intimacy and initiation of deeper connection to self & partner. Expanded consciousness, oneness, clarity and states of ecstasy. Raised vibrations taking you from fear based thinking to a new way of relating & birthing the highest possibilities for your life. Transformation of self, wounds & patterns that prevent actualization of your authentic soul essence. Non Judgment of Self, Self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance. Skills & ways to deepen your current relationships. Ability to communicate authentically. Deepen your intuitive &psychic abilities

Become aligned with your Higher Self as you co-create & balance with Shakti the Divine Mother aspect of the Sacred Feminine and Shiva the Consciousness aspect of the Divine Masculine.

Friends, does any of what you have just read resonate with you?

Are you ready to go within yourself?

  • To be immersed into the great Cosmic Womb of the Universe.
  • To open yourself to your most secret & denied thoughts, feelings emotions and desires?

Do you now wish to learn how to explore deeper levels of Sacred Intimacy?

If you are Guided to be a part of this Divine experience read further: The first step would be to find a Soul Companion who would guide and facilitate you & your partner with unconditional empathy, non-judgment and respect.

Who would walk with you on your journey of discovering Sacred Intimacy?

Sophia Roy Choudhury of Cosmic Wisdom Sharing Foundation offers to be the Soul Companion on your journey. She holds safe & nonjudgmental space where you can go deeper within yourself. Cosmic Wisdom Sharing Foundation is the womb to hold you, as you journey to find yourself and Your Relationship of Sacred Intimacy. Sacred Intimacy Workshops/Retreats are is being conducted at many places in India and abroad. If you have a group of 20 or more participants, CWSF will be happy to conduct a workshop in your town or city.

Certification of course completion awarded

Lectures, audio & video presentations Movement, meditation & music Individual and group exercises Rituals and Ceremonies

 21 years and above Couples Only /married/in a relationship.

Couples who are open to the path of self-realization & expansion are eligible. Every individual learns how to relate with oneself and with another. Soul partners immerse into deeper understanding about themselves & each other. Become more rooted in their relationship and grow together into higher states of being.

For Course Fee & Registration Please contact Sophia Roy Choudhury

Accommodation Individuals may directly book their rooms at the venue with information to us for applicable discount rates. Alternatively, we can conduct a workshop at your choice of city/town for a group of 20 or more individuals. Please contact Sophia for further information Please contact Sophia Roy Choudhury for further details @9849050818

About Cosmic Wisdom Sharing Foundation Sophia Roy Choudhury MD (AM) is the Founder of Cosmic Wisdom Sharing Foundation. This trust was founded in memory of her son Capt.  Sameer J Roy Choudhury of the Indian Army who was martyred in 2006, while on active army duty. CWSF offers various programmes to private/ public organizations and individuals through Meditation, Workshops, Counseling, Therapy and Mentoring These services are offered free of charge to certain categories of Defense and Police personnel.

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