Shamanism – Are you being called?

Many are hearing our Universe whispering, welcoming …
Are You One of Them ?
“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.” Ancient Red Indian Proverb

Shamanism is a word we often hear. Many of us are aware that it is an ancient way of life. Many of us have seen pictures of Shamans dressed in colorful attire and head gear, decorated with paint and feathers. Then again there are many of us who have heard that Shamans do psychedelic drugs deep in the mountains. Again there are many of us who have never heard of Shamans or Shamanism. Shamanism is too vast a subject that can fit into a few lines. This article is just an attempt to open the portal of this ancient wisdom for the reader. My aim is to shed light on the present way of life as compared to Shamanism. To ignite your interest & to learn

Why is  Shamanism the call of today?
Your role in nurturing Yourself and Mother Earth.

I invite you to spend a few moments reading this article:
Shamanism is not a religion or a cult but an Authentic, Holistic way of Life. Shamanism is found & practiced all over the world. The civilization & cultures differ but the basic philosophy & principles remain the same.
First of all Shaman (SHAH-men). The word “shaman” probably originates from the Tungusic Evenki language of North Asia.

The Shaman is an individual, who in altered states of mind can visit the three worlds of Consciousness to obtain information or healing.  In ancient times Shamans were greatly respected men and women and important members of the tribe or community. They were the wise medicine men/women who would protect the tribe. They would seek information from Spirit regarding food, fodder & other divinations for the community.

Shamanism went through troubled times in history. Different religions and cultures not knowing and understanding Shamanism feared it. Shamans were branded pagans, since they did not conform to the accepted norms of religion & governments. In America& Australia they were persecuted and their lands taken away from them. They were cut off from the main stream of society & their healing came to be known as alternative medicines. They lived on the fringes of society & in settlements far away from the so called civilized world. They kept their art & healing alive and practiced it in isolation.

It is only towards the early 2oth century that the world started looking for alternative ways of life and healing. Many Shamans had educated themselves & their children. They now emerged as the New Age teachers & keepers of Shamanism Today Shamanism is being revived all over the world by Anthropologists & psychologists. Some of the pioneers are Sandra Igerman, Frank Wesselmann, Michael Harner, and Alberto Villaldo amongst others.

They could induce altered states of consciousness for themselves and others. Journeying was the main way to visit the three worlds .They would perform soul retrievals and extractions to retrieve lost parts of the soul and extract negative energies that had attached to their clients. The lost/fragmented soul parts were returned and integrated with the person’s energy. Song, dance. music, drumming, rattling & rituals were the main form of communication with Spirit. They relied on their Ancestors, Guiding Spirits, Nature, Elements, Power Animals and Birds to aid them in their work. Ritual and ceremony were an integral part of Shamanism.

Shamans were mostly wounded healers. It is understood that a person who had undergone pain, trauma, sickness or been struck by lightning was the one called to be a Shaman.

Now you may ask, in the modern world, why we need to learn about or be Shamans…
How will this help me in my daily life?
Today we have diagnostic tools for all kinds of illness, doctors and enough technology. In the hustle and bustle of our lives why do we need this ancient healing system? When the speaking Google assistant can get just about get anything done, even book your doctor’s appointment?!

How then does Shamanism fit in? Do I need to wear strange clothes & chant around the fire? Do I have time or inclination?? Why should I not spend my resources taking another programme or a course that will help my career?

Well my dear Friends the answer is simple!

What modern life and technology is giving us is a Codependent way of life.
As opposed to a Co-operative and Inclusive life of Earlier Times.

Surprised! Well you have every reason to be.

In ancient times humanity relied on their instincts to learn about Nature and survival. Today we have ceased listening to our bodies and breath. We allow sickness, depression, fatigue, pain and trauma to fully engulf us. Once we are truly sick or stuck we immediately seek allopathic interventions. This leads to working with the symptoms and not the root cause.
That is why dis–ease resurfaces after a while.

Antibodies and other interventions save us the moment but gradually deplete the pulsating life force or ‘prana.’ Our ancients knew that sickness in the body would first show up in our energy body and much later in the physical. A Shaman would extract the malady from the very roots. The luminous body was the store house of information and yielded to the Shaman’s energetic interventions.

Dis – eases & disturbances of the mind were similarly dealt and healed. Stories, myth & journeying played a great role in understanding, healing & transforming energies. Our souls wandering between the conscious and unconscious states were gently brought back. Our fragmented selves healed & integrated into our energy body.
Songs, chanting, energy balancing & rituals sustained wellbeing.
Many Shamans used sacred plants for inducing altered states of consciousness to aid in healing

In no way am I negating other sources of healing /curing. All have their rightful place in the Universe. In an emergency Allopathic interventions can save a life!

Greater interaction existed in ancient communities expanding to include every bird, animal, insect, plant and elements, the earth & sky. Ancestors and those not yet born were also considered a part of the community!
Shamans respected, venerated and protected Mother Earth. They were the Earth & Wisdom Keepers. Only that, what was required for living was taken from her. All genders were respected and given a place in the community.

Children were nurtured, protected and taught in holistic ways. The elderly were respected and taken care off. Shamans learnt lessons of cooperation and survival from ancient trees. Mountains are considered ancient teachers.
Today learning by rote and qualifying in examinations has become the rule. Intelligence and wisdom are loosely put together. A child’s choice of study and learning greatly depends on what is expected out of him/her.

Stress and the environment take a toll on the health of the young. Children get sick when they are subject to too hot, too cold, too less, too much, too soon, too fast etc. Children are like sponges and absorb whatever is playing out in the environment. Many have not played with mud and sand.Forests are places where animals live…. and humans live in the concrete jungles. Animals are to be seen in books and zoos.
Animation movies make up for a face to face encounter in natural habitat with Simba and Lion King! Children no longer know how to heal themselves with elements and plants in nature. Time for exploration and observation has been taken away by extracurricular activities and summer/winter/holiday schools/camps. They have to be constantly doing Something! Ever wondered why ADHD is on the rise?

Children as young as 10 years of age are watching porn and violence on the media!

Domestic and other violence is as common as abuse. Addiction and short term relationships are on the rise. These are the natural outcome of an artificial, gadget dependent society. Anything can be easily done with a gadget!
Sitting down with a cup of tea to solve an issue is fast being replaced with a few text messages. The human angle of emotions and feelings gets lost in the jumble of texts.
Learning with experience, reading and hearing stories is considered a waste of time to many parents and care givers. Many a times drawing, art and craft are not encouraged at home or school. There are more important topics of study in order to compete in the rat race!

Parents complain “our children have no time & patience for us”.

Dear Parents did you have the same when they were little???????????????????

We spend our life making untimely adults out of children. When they grow up, they spend time & money participating in Inner Child Healing Workshops to regain their lost Innocence!
Such a grim paradox. Any good therapist will endorse this!

What if we had to give our children a childhood they deserve?
Allow them to be free, children of Mother Earth- which is their birth right!
To let exploration be a source of learning?

Today we have greatly depleted our natural resources & induced global warming. Organic food is being dangerously contaminated by the use of chemical fertilizers. Rivers and oceans have become the dumping ground of toxins and pollutants.

Forests and natural reserves are being denuded, immensely destroying the delicate ecological balance. We are constantly breathing toxins no matter if you are in India or New York!

Like fast food, even our relationships are mostly on the fast track. Our interactions largely depend upon technology.  There is no time and may be much less inclination to take our relationships deeper.  The absence of mutual respect and nourishment of the relationship causes it to break or become stagnant.
‘Me’ time and ‘family’ time has become the biggest casualty in our busy-ness.  In spite of earning big money, possessing luxuries and life’s goodies, we feel incomplete, fatigued and are always on the run.
Screen time, dishing out false and unreal pictures of life has replaced precious family bonding.
The happily ever after dream continues to be just that- an illusion. We have stopped believing in the power of myth and fairy tales. These were guides for relationships not only with each other but with the Universe!

Nuclear families have taken away precious learning opportunities from myths.
Stories of valor, courage, bravery, compassion and wisdom narrated by grandparents and elders have decreased considerably today
When a crisis a crisis happens to our loved ones, we are the last to know!

Facebook and social media is the hub of tales every second. We know what someone ate, drank, wore, and partied. Where he/she is now! Sadly, we do not have as much information about our loved ones! In ancient times when an issue arose with someone, the elders and community would gather around.

The individual’s unique birth song would be sung and appropriate Shamanic healing would be done. The collective consciousness of the tribe was a powerful healing channel!

Animals are hunted only for food, for the day & protected as a species. Animals and humans live in mutual respect and within their boundaries. The ratio of humans and animals is sustained in Shamanic dwelling places. In so called modern & civilized cultures, animals are being mass slaughtered in factories to appease human greed. Converted into food, processed in far greater quantity than what is required. The focus is business not food!

Thousands of tons of processed food is thrown away or dumped into third world countries. The supply far exceeds the demand! So many animal lives lost for greed! Food and resources are being wasted. At the same time people are dying elsewhere for food, clean water and medicine!

Animals have been rendered homeless due to wide spread de foresting & mining. Their habitats have been destroyed to build human shelters. Natural vegetation and life that survived for thousands of years is becoming extinct. This is leading to shortage of food in the wild. As a result hungry, wild animals invade human spaces for food.


Today killing animals for sport is legal in many countries. Sometimes the entire tourism industry depends for survival on  hunting sport. Deer and wolves can be killed as they are considered to be invading mans’ space! Any wonder that animals attack at the first sight of humans. Their distrust of humans lies encoded in their DNA?

Shamans have a beautiful relationship with creatures.
They learnt to live in mutual harmony with their animal friends.

More money is being earned by creating things that are toxic, endanger health and life, All this in the name of civilization!
We are mercilessly and cruelly suffocating our planet with plastic and e-waste. More debris gathers in one package of wrapping than what did in a week earlier.

Dear Friends, now, the world is sick, tired and done with the fast and furious.

The artificial and the illusionary is no longer a focus of attraction. Humanity yearns for that open piece of grass land, a fistful of sky, less pollution, natural food, holistic well being, quiet times and deeper relationships.

Gradually this yearning has become the clarion call for transformation at All levels!
The world is turning slowly but surely towards a more holistic way of living!

Individuals, Companies and Corporations are becoming more Heart oriented.
Meditation is no longer something that only yogis living in Himalayas do.
We are learning to train our breath to heal and sustain health, as was done by the ancient Shamans

MRI & CT Scans now serve a deeper meaning for modalities of acupuncture, pulsing and various alternative healing. Literally showing a big picture!
Medicine is gradually turning to the metaphysical and humane side of healing. Allopathic doctors are no longer embarrassed to include alternate healing approaches with their medicine.

I personally know many doctors who take pride in following a heart based approach to allopathic medicine. People no longer accept surgery just because they can afford it.  Ancient and alternative healing is the preferred approach today. The so called poor man’s treatment like Ayurveda, homeopathy and Energy medicine is drawing people from all strata of society and countries.
Re foresting & water conservation are no longer what only the army or government does. Today people are awakening to the call of the Planet. Multinational corporations and individuals all over the world are making a concerted effort to ensure the work environment is clean, green and pollution free.

Massive eco drives are being undertaken for re forestation & water harvesting as a gesture of gratitude to Nature. Once again agricultural land is being blessed and healed with ceremony and prayers. Rivers are being cleaned and their sanctity protected. Massive cleaning drives are being undertaken throughout the country.

Women are now giving birth in more birth friendly environments rather than the sterile and mechanical confines of regular hospitals. The aged and wise persons in the family are now being looked up to for guidance and unconditional love. Individuals from all walks of life & professions are co creating a better life and planet for themselves.

Holistic treatment is the cry of today!
The fast melting ice in Atlantic and other glaciers is sending out a distress signal to those humans who want to leave a better and beautiful planet for their progeny. Global warming is on the rise like never before. Unless we are careful and nurture Mother Earth back to health, the temperatures will be high enough to melt our bones. This is not too far away; going by the way we are systematically destroying the eco system.

(Image owned by Amanda Clark used for education purpose only. No copy right infringement intended)

“Natural is safe” is the Mantra today.
There has been a revival of many ancient healing arts and sciences. Community and family are now breaking free of apathy & coming together for a higher cause. Community services and pooling resources is no longer being considered lesser than the Jones’.

Organic farming is on the rise today. Less is more, composting and recycling is in!

In this quietly transforming scenario Shamanism is gently awakening like a slumbering giant, ready to take its rightful place in the world.

The rich opportunities for personal & communal growth available through Shamanism are now being understood. A more Earth and Heart based civilization is on the rise.

Education systems are gradually understanding and accepting Holistic Montessori education for children as opposed to the mechanical learning by rote system.

Madame Maria Montessori’s dream of ‘Education with peace’   is being manifest all over the world. Today some of the greatest world achievers are Montessori educated. They made a remarkable difference in their own lives and of the world.

Some of these are Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google, Jeff Bezos – founder of, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Anne Frank, author, diarist from World War II to name a few!

Shamanism is all about being – Heart Centered, Energetic, All Inclusive, Animistic and Earth based
This is the New Life we all need for Ourselves & Future Generations

Mother Nature’s womb needs healing and nurturance. The Children of the world and the Ones to come Need to Breathe Free. They will embody their Goddess & God energies. They are the transforming face of the future. Today’s adults are the bows from where the arrows of healing and beauty are sent…Let their bows be straight and path true.

The song of Oneness of all animate and inanimate is being sung. …heard by some… Understood by some …may be dimly… Magic is birthing itself through the womb of Mother Earth!

Friends, do you resonate with my song …with what I have just said?
  • Are you ready for a richly satisfying life for yourself and your loved ones?
  • Do you want to breathe freely and be stress free?
  • Do you believe that the Universe is within you and you are empowered to ‘Create your Reality’?
  • Do you understand that wisdom and intelligence can exist hand in hand?
  • Do you believe we are not our stories and can heal ourselves and the Planet?
  • Do you now want to know more about yourself and relationships?
  • Do you believe there are diverse and more authentic ways of study & parenting?
  • Do you want to open and sustain your healing energies?
  • Do you want to hear the Universe whispering to you?
  • Are you ready to take stewardship of Mother Earth?
  • Do you want to be a part of Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals?

If you have answered YES!  To even one of the above….. I invite you Friends to participate and immerse yourself in the workshops/Retreats I am offering you:

  • Level 1.    Core Shamanism
  • Level 2.    Advanced Shamanism
  • Level 3.     Mentorship & training
  • Each level will be a precursor to the next one

If you are called to be a part of this Magnificent Earth Movement of Transformation please contact me.


Sophia Roy Choudury

Founder Cosmic Wisdom Sharing Foundation

Web site:

(m)           9849050818


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