We take a leaf from Dr. Sophia Roy Choudhury’s Book of Life where she rose like a Phoenix from the ashes of a loss that is so deep that it could take lifetimes to even come to terms with. Dr. Choudhury is a Thriiver and we’re honored to present her lifescape here so that the inspiring story can reach out to millions of hearts out there. Dr. Sophia Roy Choudhury’s story, in her own words…

Every being’s journey has a specific direction & purpose & so does mine.

My life journey has been wild & free, from the hills of the Himalayas to the South of India. My army background ensured that I travelled a lot & of course learned many valuable life lessons.

I lost my mother when I was a toddler & was brought up by persons from varied cultures & traditions. When I was six years old, my father was transferred from Meerut to the foothills of the Himalayas; the Doon valley. This was the time of my flowering in Nature, thanks to the Nepali Shamans who were my caretakers. They brought me up close to Earth & in Oneness with all of Creation. My father trusted them & they guarded me with their life. Walks & explorations in the hills, eating of the jungle’s produce & drinking from the fresh water streams gurgling down the hills was a way of life. They taught me to discern the good from the poisonous plants, as well as how to heal myself using plant medicine. I was always a part of their rituals, sitting by the warmth of a glowing fire & listening to their songs & stories. Shamanic blessing of agricultural land & spiritual farming was engrained into me by them & remains a part of my soul.

We were posted to other similar places.

The love of forests, adventure & indigenous Shamanic culture remained in my heart & soul.

I resonated greatly with stories of the Peacemaker Hiawatha taught at school (later I was to learn that I am his incarnation and that I have had many life times as a Shaman & one as a Red Indian Chief).

After completing my Hotel Management studies, I was married into a traditional Bengali family. I saw the other side of life that was strictly bound by culture & convention. We had two beautiful children.

As a couple, we faced many ups & downs in life. The most traumatic one was of losing in business & of huge financial challenges. We spent a decade trying to live from one day to another. In spite of all these challenges our children grew up well, wise & grounded.

In time we were able to recover financially & our children were close to completing their studies.

My son joined the army & my daughter was studying to be a Montessori Educator.

We were grateful for the Almighty’s blessing. Finally we seemed to have settled down & could now enjoy our life. In the meantime, my career was progressing at a good pace with Air India Ltd. Hyderabad.

I am from the first batch of Dr.Newton Kondaveti’s Life Foundation students. My life was being shaped by him in all ways, to reach higher states of vibration & being.  I balanced both aspects of my career & healing work with élan. I was honored with many awards & appreciations during my working life.

My husband was an official at HSBC. Life was vibrant & blooming & could not have been better. My son was engaged to be married. The excitement & happiness within the family was addictive.

Unknown to us there was a shadow quietly looming up, which would soon snuff out our happiness & plunge us into sadness & trauma.

A month before he was to marry, my son made the supreme sacrifice in the jungles of Manipur, North East. He was martyred while on active military duty.  The morning of 3rd November 2006 dawned with the news that my son was no more. Our lives were crashing around us & we were too stunned to react.

Our son’s death was a huge loss & our happy, vibrant family spirit seemed to have died too. In Spirituality it is said that when you have reached a particular level of spiritual awareness & balance, Universe presents you with “The Dark Night of the Soul”. It could not have been truer for me. I was unable to find myself, as I trudged along in my inner darkness, despairing to see some light.

However, my meditative practices, Dr. Newton’s support, the resilience of my daughter & husband gradually helped us move ahead, one step at a time. We picked ourselves up & started living a life of existence, but bereft of  laughter or joy.  Life in all its beauty was soon gifted to us by the Universe, in the form of a little puppy from Manipur! My son’s dear three month old Tibetan mastiff pet. He made us laugh, run & play. He tore us away from our inertia of grief.

We started living and became stronger in spirit each day. We stayed close & decided ‘That we would live in Honor of Capt. Sameer J Roy Choudhury.’ We would be all that he wanted us to be .We would be genuinely happy & strong. This was the tribute to our Loved One.

Day by day I gained in spiritual strength. I would work twelve hours a day & be so tired, that sleep would take over the moment I hit the pillow. During this period I only worked on myself & took a three year sabbatical from my healing practice. I soon became the Head of the Corporate Guest House at Air India Ltd. Hyderabad.

On the path of healing

Gradually, I started my healing & therapy practice. Meditation, reading & writing were very therapeutic for me. I would wander in Nature & speak with trees. They were as real to me as my relations. I also started studying various advanced healing courses. These would not only direct my mind to other avenues, they would also trigger spontaneous personal healing at many levels. My huge library of a few thousand books was a place of rest and relaxation. My beautiful garden, which I tended myself, was a huge source of peace and inspiration. I would spend many mornings working here, the rising sun & cool breeze brought the feeling that Sameer was with me at these times.

I created ‘Cosmic Wisdom Foundation’ in the memory of my son. This trust renders free healing & counseling services to Military personnel, Police personnel & their families. It also spreads the message of Education for Peace to schools, teachers & parents. The foundation offers healing, counseling & workshops to individuals & organizations from all walks of life.

This life experience was indeed an eye opener & reiteration that every trauma is a bridge to the next level of evolution. I realized my soul purpose was to be a guiding light for who ever wanted me to walk with them on their journey of healing.

My young daughter & my husband also found their own direction towards new levels of healing & living. Our beloved Sameer was with us in dreams, in Spirit & in our hearts. Always communicating, loving & holding us.

Our dog Bumble was our silent & loving companion throughout his life.

I can say that we fall only to rise again, like the Phoenix from its ashes. We have a choice to live with truth, honor & dignity or to lie down and die.

I Chose Life…..My family Chose life!  To Live In Honor Of our Dear One! To live in such a way that we would make a difference to the world. Not only to humans, but to animals, plants & the environment.

My deep resonance with Shamanic sensibility, ethos & way of being, actually lifted me up & allowed me the freedom to soar once again!  Shamanism believes that Death is but a doorway to another reality and so it is! We have the power & freedom to cross the boundaries of time & space, to live & work with authenticity & grace. To be in acceptance of all that is an integral part of life.

Death & Life are a circle of evolution on our Soul’s Journey towards Oneness with the Great Spirit.

It is this ‘Book of Life’ that each individual writes – on the Ethers of Time – Life Time after Life Time.

Friends, my message is Choose Life, Choose Love, and Choose Honor.  ‘Strive to Thrive’ & be the Best Version of who you are meant to be!”

We are also proud to have Dr. Sophia Roy Choudhury on board as a Thriive-verified Spiritual Sciences Trainer/Therapist. You can connect with her here:

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