Beloved Universe, you Whisper to your world
I heard you in my mother’s womb, as I swirled
You the One …Mother…Father Divine…

Time hid Your reflection that was also mine
Your whispers grew dim, as the days got long
I missed my child self of dance & song

I longed to reach out & fill the void
I searched, I called, I cried…..
I never heard you again
Till one day again, You whispered my name
You knew, You Understood my pain
Soothing and caressing me, in the Monsoon Rain

I heard you whispering to me in the winds
I answered you like a bird in spring
With you, I hummed, I sang… in sacred tryst
Making paper boats…. Creating my dreams
Group sharing within consciousness streams
I whirled….I ran …..Gathering Nature’s abundant gifts

I created sacred ceremonies of elements & space
My being overwhelmed with amazing grace
In quietude ….in shouts of joy…I felt the Shift
Light & Shadow within me merging in transcendence

As I returned to my Innocence!

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