Shamanic Healing& Past Life Regression for Epilepsy

Jyoti Awasthi

Hi All,

This is with regards to my son having epilepsy and how miss Sophia helped me treat me son 3 years ago all of a sudden we get a call from a random person stating my son fainted on the road and we thought it could be because of stress disturbed proper sleep and such issues, about a month later he came from outside and sat down on the sofa and wasn’t responding to our questions and suddenly his lips turned pale and his hands and face became crooked and he started banging his legs we were quiet scared as we never saw anything in the past and none in the family has it. Post which he was admitted in KIMS for about 2 days and medication began in spite of proper medication and all the precautions he never recovered down the line while questioning him and talking to him he realized that this is happening only when he sees something hanging like weighing scale or chain or swings and we were quiet skeptical of what actually is happening.

My husband had a strong belief that it is related to his past life basis which after a lot of research we got the contact of Mrs. Sophia Roy who helped my son recover. After the first two sessions itself we saw changes in my son where is he became more patient he started smiling and talking which he wasn’t doing since the time all this happened. At the end of all sessions we got to know the reason for his seizures and now all thanks to Mrs. Sophia Roy my son is all healthy and seizures are not as intense and worse like before.

In fact he no longer gets seizures when he sees anything hanging! This has dramatically improved the quality of his life. Now he can move about freely. Work and study without fear. We are also relieved knowing that he is fine and safe alone.

 We see him as a changed person all together thank you Mrs. Sophia Roy Choudhury. 

Dear Sophia,

Thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing for me. I remember particular words of yours that still give me comfort, joy, hope and pride. You said that I was committed to the process of healing and hard-working, and that beautiful things were in store for me.

I had forgotten this in the midst of everything else that was going on. But recently, I started doing a programme on creative recovery (the book is called The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron). Part of the recovery is to remember a piece of happy encouragement, and I thought of your words.

To know that I am committed and hard-working makes me feel empowered. I have been told from childhood that I can’t stick to one thing and I’ll never be any good unless I do – and I continue to hold on to that. And so, to be told that I am not like that, that I can too be committed and work hard towards something that matters – is a matter of great comfort to me. I feel better about myself when I know that.

And so, thank you. Thank you for telling me I am that, and that I matter, and that a beautiful life is in store for me. That gives me hope, too. It was so kind of you to say these things about me, and I am so grateful.

I still don’t know what I want – I think during our therapy, I had mentioned dance and travel, but now, I am not sure of anything. But I am also certain now that I will find out, and I will be led to a place where I am able to and capable of achieving what I want. This certainty ebbs and flows – I am glad it has come back to me.



Shamanic Healing from Nightmares and Stress

Kamna Maliramani

I had approached Sophia Ma’am because I would not be able to sleep without stressful dreaming, quite often experiencing nightmares which had me waking up in a sweat, and crying, and scared.

The constant dreams affected my energy levels and thus my work. I suspected it might be happening to me because I hadn’t been able to accept the sudden death of my father, which happened almost 3 years ago.

Ma’am helped me a lot with coming to terms with that, and after a few sessions with her, my sleep significantly improved, and has been so ever since. I am no longer tormented with nightmares.

 I am certainly very grateful for her help with this, as it has been the cause of improvement in other parts of my life as well. 

Miraculous Recovery of Client in COMA through Shamanic Healing

Pise Family

Life, love and happiness

The purest forms of joy.The simplest but the most beautiful to experience in one’s life.

To me my joy surrounds around my parents. Their wellbeing, health and happiness give me an immeasurable pleasure. Being married to a Fauji, gives me less of this luxury. The satisfaction of living in my hometown. Nonetheless. I’ve still lived in the brighter side of everything life has offered. 

One such instance of, yet again coming across the best of what life could offer was knowing and interacting with Sophia Aunty.

She is Mrs. Sophia Roy Choudhury, Mother of Capt. Sameer Roy Choudhury who was martyred in 2006. She works through her Foundation set up in memory of her son.

 My highest respect and deepest gratitude, to the person she is. And the way, she has changed our lives. With a near to death experience.

My father in law who calmly slept one night. Did not wake up the next morning of 10th December 2019. The shock of our lives. The deepest fear we saw in the future that was coming. On shifting to hospital, it was told he has moved into coma. A deep sleep. His own world. Where no one can reach. The darkest days of our lives began. The uncertainty. Fear. Dismay. Everything at once.

Where I could see the best of medical aid and science had failed. Dada refused to wake up. It was day 3 days. Amidst all the hopelessness, I still knew there was something that could work out.

It was Sophia Aunty. Her simplicity, divinity. The power of choice for good over betteris evident from the work she does. The willingness and urge she feels to help and assist the distressed is remarkable. On contacting her, in the very first conversation. I was rest assured with her guidance. I could see the silver lining in those dark clouds. Now it was all about faith and positivity. The unshakable faith and trust in her. We were amazed to see Dada.Coming back. Sophia Aunty’s Shamanic Healing helped him resurface into life. After all the turmoil.

No words can define or express how much I owe her.

As a part of the Armyfraternity. I am already indebted. Now even more as a person.

This coming back from the darkness of all the uncertainties has been Dada’s own journey. A savior by his side. We have gained a different insight into this remarkable comeback. During his journey the unknown facts of life have shown us, how their existence is phenomenal. After having traveled to the different world Dada was taken care, off, by his own brother. Who has passed into light 3-4 years back. He has been the guiding spirit. Our angel of protection. He appeared and has given direction, the way he always did.

This ancestral connection has helped Dada heal and recoup with his usual self.

We as a family and a part of the fraternity are and shall always remain indebted to you. Our journey continues. Till the end of the time.

Sincere regards and gratitude

Pise family.

Healing of Family issues& Relationship with Soul Wisdom Therapy

Bhavna M

सोफिया राय चौधरी, मेरे लिए एक फरिश्ते से कम नहीं है। उन्होंने कुछ दिन पहले मेरी बेटी की काउंसलिंग की थी। उसमें एक बार मुझे भी शामिल किया था। उनका  केस  को समझना और उसका हल निकालने का तरीका अद्वितीय है। वह केस की जङ तक पहुंच कर समस्या का समाधान ढूंढती है और निवारण के तरीके बताती हैं।

आज मैं और मेरी बेटी अपनी समस्या से काफी उबर चुके हैं। हमारे रिश्ते,जो धुंधले हो रहे थे, उनमें फिर से प्रगाढ़ता आ रही है।

इसके लिए मैं सोफिया को अपने हृदय से धन्यवाद देती हूं। अब सोफिया हमारे लिए एक अंतरंग मित्र भी है।



Relationships&Intense Marital Therapy




“A wonderful experience & journey of the soul”

“Deep unconscious belief systems came out & burnt’, these were not good for the future.

I believe Sophia is a great healer, counselor&therapist.

I hope it will be a ‘V’ in my relationship with my spouse. A lot has changed between us….the way we look and perceive each other have changed very much.

I am blessed to have undergone these sessions in complete security & support. I thank the Universe for giving me this opportunity.

Holistic approach yet Scientific & Logical!

Sophia is a very powerful human being. Without me disclosing also she could know and bring out my Issues.

Let God bless her.

N Srinivasa

I came to the session with a little skepticism and curious about Tantra & Holistic ways (Although you will not know much in a single or two days without Sadhana.)….you will experience or feel it.

The way things are discussed by Sophia will make you comfortable & get a gist that she is not able to connect the dots….But Wait….when she addresses all those things & integrates …she will be right on the point!

I was amazed how she was able to decipher all my points I shared with her. It really made my heart lighter and joyful. I also like the way she has the patience to hear out all the things I posed to her, she will not let go the flow the other way. She asks questions for us to think ourselves.

I am really looking forward to all advises, exercises suggested so that life changes.

Intensive personal sessions for releasing deep enmeshment & Shamanic Ancestral Clearing.


The Therapy was an eye opener. Very blissful and very warm. For the first time I felt very secure & comfortable to open up. It has really healed my wound which was very deep and profound.

I can say Sophia Ma’am is my Guru who made me see so many things, made me realize my True Self. This has not only helped me to come out of my traumatic experience but also to understand my life purpose.

The therapy has given me hope in life and a different perspective to see my life.


Gratitude Cards – at PLRC 6 Mumbai workshop ‘Dreaming our world into being’ from a Shamanic Perspective at the Taj Land’s End on 15th& 16th December 2018

Thank You for sharing your wisdom, Love and Light. I am grateful for…..


…..your energy, the wonderful group exercises…wish there was more time .The concepts were clear though.



…..thank you


…..the insights I got & the contacts I made. Thank you for bringing back my health.



…….your energy & the session were enlightening.



……deepest blessings

Sharmishtha Basu

…….being guided to attend your workshop and the insights. Thank you very much.


Sanjeevani Joshi

…..having given me my first experience of a Shamanic Journey



…..guiding me to find and meet again my power animals -Nice!



….Sharing & opening myself to this process & gives me a signal to get into & know more


Amrish Trivedi

…..Your very heart touching meditation …combination of all modalities. Thank you so much.


Ankita Jain

….my first Bindi that changed my life! Learn so much from you and love you immensely!

New Delhi


….being taken through this session



I could meet my power animal the Elephant. I called upon the strength of his mighty foot……Now I experience no pain in my foot…My foot has been healed!

Psychic Reading


Sophia Roy Choudhury did wonderful hand holding and healing for me. She was able to understand and unearth many things from my past and guided me to work on forgiving others.

Inner Child & Meditation Workshop for Teachers of Army school Bolarum Secunderabad

Mary Abraham

Very enriching, relaxing & very applicable.

G.S. Diwakar

Quiet, useful & meaningful. I felt very good.

S. Latha

Wonderful, very useful & spiritually awakening.

M. Sita Lakshmi

Very enlightening experience .Helpful for home, school & elsewhere.

D. Anuradha

Interesting & useful. Helped me to realize my imbalances & rectify them.

U. Panda

I came to know how to get mental peace through Meditation.

M. Vijaya

Very good workshop. Helped me re-invent what was lying in my sub consciousness.

E. Sieve

Very impressive workshop. Very useful to me in future. Feel it is important for every teacher. Very applicable in daily life.

Madhavi Pathania

Aparna Mahesh G.Educative and enlightening. Will go back with a strong desire to be rational and practical.

Kala Swaminathan

Aparna Mahesh G.Nice and interesting experience. Refreshed, peaceful and happy to see the Magical child in me.

Aparna Mahesh G.

Work shop was excellent.Learnt about my mistakes in life. Will try to follow learning in daily life .Meditation was peaceful.

S. Sai Leela

Food for thought .Can is applied in Class room training. Understand myself better. Can relate with others better. I could re connect to my pure energy within.

Susan Beni

I could confront my fears and misgivings. Can continue to apply the learning in daily life. Felt relaxed during meditation.Learnt how to unwind in stressful situations.

Rachna Pant

Helps to understand our irrational beliefs & fears. Will help me to grow. It can help to de stress. Feeling refreshed after Meditation.

N. Padmavathy

Learnt how to deal with my emotions.Learnt many ways of tackling situations. Felt very comfortable during mediation.

S.S. Naidu

Could convert to my individual feelings peacefully. Personal growth develops with meditation. Overcome disturbances and distractions with Meditation.

Mrs. R. Jayshree

The workshop was too good, as there were many things to learn. Most of which I will apply to my daily life. Felt very comfortable. Hope to have this workshop again.

Mrs. Ameeta Divay

It was a wonderful and enlightening workshop. Greater understanding of Stages in Child Development. Personally meditation relaxed and made me feel tension free & to be a better human being.

Mrs. Liney

Workshop helped me realize I need to respond not re act. Irrational thinking leads to negativity, so why think that way? Meditation helped me refresh and relax like a glass of ‘Mazaa’ would have!

Mrs. Bindu Singh

It was good, enlightening. Reminded us of certain things we tend to forget in our routine life. How to deal with teenagers in a positive way and how to help the two de stress. Could connect to my inner self in a relaxed and peaceful way.

Padmaja M Rao

Very interesting.Learnt to tackle irrational ideas .Learnt thought stopping. Felt relaxed and peaceful.

Usha RaniVery informative in analyzing myself. Removed tangles enabled me to meet my inner child & to understand God’s creation.

Want to practice with my students (especially teens) & other people I come in contact with ‘मै ऐसा क्यूँ  हूँ’ some mysteries unraveled. 100 % comfortable. Gradually helped in understanding myself and others.

Self-Mastery Work Shop at Air India Ltd, MRO, Shamshabad, Hyderabad

A Kumar

Experienced peace & calm.

Khaja Amer Shereef

Could relate with the meditation.

Sathvinder Singh

Very Beautiful workshop.

V K V Sastry

Good, thought provoking and inspiring.

D. Parthasarathi

Good and inspiring. Content was good.

Putla Sunil K

Workshop was too good and covered everything. Got inner peace.

K. Sasi Kumar

New experience. Should be conducted every month.

N Venu

It is good meditating God’s creation and wonderful work here.

Govindu Praveen

Very useful at work. My mind set was peaceful and tensions had gone away.

P. Rama Krishna

Everything was perfectly organized and presented. Felt very relaxed.

M Rajashekhar

Interesting & useful. Helped me to realize my imbalances & rectify them.

Anitha Wilson

Interesting & useful. Helped me to realize my imbalances & rectify them.

गिरीश भण्डारी

द्यान एकाग्रता करने के बाद हम एक जगह पे आते हैं। ऐसा कार्यक्रम हर साल होना चाहिए।ज्यादा लोग इस का लाभ उठा सकें।

Tamara Martin

Felt cool, relaxed and rested. Was very satisfied with the workshop. Could have been extended for two days. Thank you and God bless you for reaching out to many.

B. Ganesh Nayak

Very good and very much required in today’s tumultuous world. Quite refreshing. Would like to practice at work. May be conducted at regular intervals to overcome fears of unknown future.

L. David Lazarus

My mind has become cool, no tensions, feeling pleasant. Please conduct this session every month.

Very interesting topic and well presented by Madam. Session should be extended by a day .Meditation relaxes the mind and gives insights to one self. Everyone should meditate.

Meditation for families of Army personnel at the borders, Secunderabad.


ध्यान करते समय मन बिलकुल शांत हो गया था


मुझे अच्छा लगा

आशा दिघे

मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा

सुनीता शर्मा

हलकापन महसूस हो रहा था । ऐसा लग रहा था की सर के ऊपर कोई शक्ति घूम रही हैं ।

अनीता प्रजापति

ध्यान करने पर मन में  अच्छे – बुरे विचार आते हैं। लेकिन करते करते अच्छा लगने लगता है।

कल्याणी कृश्नन

बहुत अच्छा महसूस हुआ,दीमक एकदम रिलाक्स हो गया। महीना मे एक बार क्लास होना अच्छा है।

सुजाता बनसोडे

ध्यान के बाद हमे बहुत अच्छा लगा और दिमाग में अच्छा महसूस हुआ । धान्यावाद

बसंती देवी

शांति महसूस हुई ,बहुत अच्छा लगा। मेरे विचार से सबको करना चाइए।

बॉबी सिंह

ध्यान करने से काफी relaxation एहसूस हुआमन काफी शांत हुआ। मेरा विचार हैं की सब को ध्यान करना चाहिए।

Private Workshop Tantra & Relationships in Dharamsala

Amrit & Sylvia

Sophia, there are no words to express the gratitude in our hearts. When we joined your workshop we were just buying time to decide if we need to part ways or remain. The powerful insights to our repetitive patterns of abusive relationships helped us see our present one in a new light. We have decided to come back to our place of original love and make a start from there. Our physical alchemy also seems to have gone to a space of more involvement and trust. We love to spend time together. Amazing rituals, will continue with them. Thank you!

Amanda & Brian Berry

We were overjoyed when we learnt of the Tantra workshop being conducted by you Sophia. It was great that you could organize it in such short time! Feel lucky and blessed to have been guided by you. Great learning about Soul Families and Contracts. Definitely learning Tantra from an Indian Master was a powerful experience.

Thank you Sophia for the Past Life Regression session you had gifted us. Look forward to another workshop when we come to India next.

Iranga Rupasinghe

I had decided to participate just for learning a few tips and de mystify Tantra in my life. The work shop experience left me zapped. I felt humbled and grateful for all I learnt.I understood that sex is a great part of a Tantra relationship, but there is much, much more. I was speaking to my partner in Singapore last evening. She is keen to participate in your work shop. May be we will come again together. I am recommending your work shop to my friends. You have a standing invitation to Singapore. Will be in touch.


Dear Sophia, what a truly liberating experience. Could not believe I was carrying so many burdens. I had become a truly male woman, if that is the suitable phrase. How wonderful and empowered to be in my Divine Feminine energies. Do not need to prove myself to anyone. I am sufficient, I am lovable.

I will be visiting Hyderabad for a conference in January. Will catch up for a meal. Love you Sophia.


Dear Sophia Ma’am a hundred hugs to you. Your workshop was one of the most precious moments in my life. How easily and spontaneously I slipped out of my victim role. I was amazed that all along I was creating energies for my soul learning. I feel so focused and empowered….and YES…my love life is better than it was ever before!

Hugo Karlsson

Loved the chants, loved the rituals, and loved the energies. Still in immersion. Will write to you in detail shortly.

Ever think of visiting in Sweden, let me know. I will be glad to set up a work shop & and learn further. Love you.

Mohan Rastogi

Joined the workshop with no particular expectations. Came away with deeper understanding  of myself. Could connect with my partner in a more compassionate and loving way.


Still in Trance Sophia Ma’am. Should have been a week long workshop!

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