A life Changing work shop with Past Lives “Every story is us !”

with Sophia Roy Choudhury

Unravel the stories of your Past. The Soul stories that you probably don’t consciously remember. For each story made you, and each one of them is you. Heal your Past, become the Best Version of Yourself.

Past Life Regression is a revolutionary approach to self-exploration & living a life of awareness. It is an excellent tool for self-discovery, not just of present life-purpose, but also the trajectory of our lives.

During this Two Days Weekend Workshop you will have the amazing opportunity to journey into your own Soul History.

Take Away:

  • Uncover the root causes of present issues, release & heal old patterns of irrational fears or phobias, self-beliefs, habits, or recurring ailments often those with no medical reasons.
  • Learn how to change fear and illness into opportunities for Inner Growth.
  • Unlock your inner potential for mind, body & soul evolution by participating in Past Life Regression Journeys.
  • Understand Soul Contracts and allow love and beauty to become a part of your life.
  • Discover extraordinary details about your Past and their connection to your Present situation in life.
  • Know about Soul mates, Twin Flame & Soul Companions in your Life Journey.
  • Understand and heal relationships by releasing frozen emotions and energy
  • Learn & deepen your intuitive & psychic abilities
  • Connect with past talents and interests from past lives
  • Find answers to life’s unresolved questions and repetitive life patterns.
  • Anchor the power of love, understanding & forgiveness to live a deeply satisfying life.
  • Understand Akashik Records & know your Life Purpose.
  • Journey into your Probable Futures- set your Present & Goals
  • Age Regression Journey to the Womb
  • Co-Create with the Universe by getting out of your way & Manifest all that you need.

Each participant will receive:

  • Be awarded with a Certificate.
  • A certificate of participation on completion of the workshop.
  • Course material.
  • Will become a member of an exclusive Face Book Group
  • ​Each participant will be eligible for a discount on future workshops conducted By Sophia Roy Choudhury
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