“Stay in the Present” is the advice of the ancients, as well as of new age gurus. We wonder why we need to live in awareness of the here and now. Some of us love to live in the future, dreaming of that “One Fine Day” in the vast ocean of eternity. Often our dreams, wishes, lives, careers and happiness are all hostage to that elusive day when all will become fine magically!

We try to apply our intentions to manifest happiness, exactly how the seminar facilitator had taught us. Sadly, things do not turn out the way we had expected. We wonder why our yesterdays were not to our complete satisfaction and if our future will be as desired.

In the shuttle relay game between yesterday and tomorrow, we forget to live our today!

So why does our mind run after the elusive instead of being rooted to the present? It may be that the present in our life journey is too difficult, sad, traumatic or overwhelming. We need the instant fix of allowing our mind to wander to a pleasant yesterday or an imagined wonderful future. We put off being present to our disturbing thoughts, feelings and emotions, because they are difficult to face.

It could also be that we are constantly comparing ourselves, our situation and our lives with others. This takes us away from our own wonderful energy and uniqueness. Instead of appreciating our present situation and building on it, we waste precious resources and time trying to be clones of someone else.

Our present situation is exactly how it was meant to be. Surprised?

Well, let me explain. Our nagging spouse, financial mess, illness, loss of a job or break down of relationships are the beacons that lead us back home: to the present.

When we are continuously entangled in our career, lifestyle or indiscriminate search for the right partner, we suddenly meet with an accident or sickness! We could become bed ridden and immobile. We are brought to the present moment in a flash. While we recover, we have ample time and opportunity to realize where our life was going. The issues we had pushed into the dark crevasses of our mind manifest themselves as shadows walking alongside of us.

Losing our partner makes us acutely aware of ourselves and our reality. We stop taking ourself and the other for granted. We understand our own strengths and shortcomings, as well as those of our partner. We are given an opportunity to turn our life around and find a new way of being. Losing our job makes us contemplate. Do we really want to do what we are doing? Maybe we wanted to change our job but were not confident doing so. Now the Universe has given us an opportunity to do what our heart wants: something completely different and soul satisfying. Financial insecurities make us experiment and look at new ways of bringing abundance into our life.

Friends, all these tell us that we need to be in the present for a satisfying life. For this to happen, we need to consciously bring ourselves to the present moment again and again. To create a satisfying present, we need to learn from our past. Our aware consciousness grounded in the present will sow the seeds of all that we want to manifest.

We create our reality every moment. Our actions of the past are the foundation of today. Our deeds in the present are the launch pads of our life tomorrow.

Soulwork: Practice for 10 minutes daily. Bring your awareness to the present. Meditate with mindfulness. Sit undisturbed in a quiet place with eyes open. Observe all that you see and feel around you. Next, close your eyes and observe the thoughts, feelings and sensations arising within your mind and body. Stay with this experience until you feel complete. Now open your eyes.

Emerge empowered and fully present to yourself. Ground yourself by walking barefoot. Remain in a state of non-judgment, gratitude and grace.

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