What do you Want to Leave Behind for Your Children…..their Children…….and Generations of Your Progeny Yet to Be Born?

                                            Option 1

A Beautiful Green Earth…. Abundant Pure water……. Clean environment? Oceans & Rivers Dancing with Fish & Marine life?
Forests Populated with animals & birds
Huge Open living spaces to breathe in
Where People remain Healthy & Know how to & Heal themself & others when required.
Where Children are Wise……Rooted in Awareness, Mystery and Magic ….Who Know How to Heal Themselves with Energy Play
Where the Mind, Spirit & Body are in Alignment for you to be the Best Version of Yourself
A World teeming with Concrete, Plastic, Chemicals, Dis – Ease & Hospitals
A World Devoid of trees, filled with toxic water & chemical laden environment
With no pure water to drink, wash, play & swim.
Where the body has surrendered to Sickness
Where Children are told stories of a beautiful world that was & they find it difficult to imagine it
You get to Choose……Today …..Before t is Too Late……
So Choose Now & Step into Your Power
If You have Chosen the First Option……Act Now!
Take the First Step Today!

Become a Wisdom Holder……An Earth Keeper…..A Shamanic Practitioner
Participate in a two day workshop at Delhi on 27th & 28 JULY
Call Sophia Roy Choudhury 9849050818

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