Cosmic Couple Therapy

Cosmic Couples Therapy helps couples — married or not —to understands and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship.
Cosmic Couple Therapy gives couples the tools to understand their Soul Journey, communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way.

It is a catalyst for initiating Sacred Intimacy. Add link to blog & flier

We use a combination of ancient, mystical teqniques, counseling & transpersonal psychology to create a customized programme for you
Here are typical issues that Cosmic Couple Therapy can help you and a spouse or partner to cope with:

Substance abuse
Physical or Emotional issues in the relationship
Same-sex relationship issues
Single parenting
Cultural clashes
Blended families
Communication problems
Sexual issues
Conflicts about child rearing
Changing roles, such as retirement or death of a spouse/partner

Cosmic Couple Therapy can help you by holding space   :

To know & understand the Soul Journey
To deescalating existing conflict
For time to gain understanding about what may have led to disconnection
To see and hear how the conflict is impacting each partner
To help navigate difficult decision making about the relationship
To process challenging emotions around the steps to take next
To create a sense of hope for reconnection
For guidance to manage a smooth transition
For reconciled couples continue to build & gain strength together

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