Dream work Analysis & healing

Dare to dream, dare to succeed, dare to fail, dare to learn, dare to grow, dare to be different, dare to be you!
Neemisha Naugah

Dream therapy is the use of dreams and the dream state to accomplish physical and emotional healing. It involves both the interpretation of information obtained while dreaming and the active participation in the dream process called ‘lucid dreaming’. The various process’ associated with dreams have been put under the generalized term of dream work.

What happens in Dream Work?

Paying attention to dreams
Assigning or seeking some kind of meaning for them
Acting on the dream
Setting Intentions
Conscious Dreaming or Lucid Dreaming
Insights, signs & pathways
Manifesting desired results

An individual with an injury, illness, or emotional problem can use lucid dreaming to heal him/her self. Lucid dreaming is the process in which the person takes his/her conscious awareness (conscious mind) into the dream state to receive guidance or insight on a particular subject or problem. It is the unconscious awareness (subconscious mind) that provides answers and information in the form of symbols and pictures in the dream state.

During waking hours, our conscious awareness is part of the mind that deals with memory, knowledge, and logic; it used words, ideas, and thought to communicate. When the conscious awareness is taken into the dream state, there is a moment in the dream at which you are aware you are dreaming. By using a “script” prepared before going to sleep, you can influence the dream and make it turn out the way you want. For example you could say, “Help me heal” or visualize yourself free of the disease that you have at present.

Having the conscious awareness functioning while dreaming builds a bridge, so to say, between the conscious and unconscious awareness and allows the two to work together.

The conscious awareness is then able to interpret the pictures and symbols (answers from the unconscious awareness), and upon waking the dreamer will know why he had the dream and what the dream meant. The dreamer can them use this information to heal him/her self. Healing can also take place within the dream and the individual can wake up and be fully healed without further effort.

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