Inner Child Therapy

Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child, nothing is impossible. Paulo Coelho

The Innocent Part of Our Childhood is the Inner Child. He/ She did not vanish as we grew into adults, but is in hiding in the soul realms. Our Inner Child is the wounded, rejected, abandoned, abused, and unrecognized part of ourselves.

We Experience soul loss because that soul part has got fragmented from our soul during trauma. The Inner Child shows up in many ways in our adult life when any of our hidden/suppressed feelings and emotions get triggered.
Inner child work’ is work you do either by yourself or with a therapist.
It resolves childhood emotions and experiences the ‘Inner Child’ still holds. Joy, innocence, and confidence that were our birthright.

When we reclaim our wounded children, befriend them, allow ourselves to trust deeply and build bonds of secure attachments, they feel safe and welcomed at last. And we feel whole’   Janina Fisher

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