Healing the Luminous Body

“We all have the ability to heal ourselves; I know, I have done so…
In the morning, know that you are Loved, You Are Love and You Love”
― Lisa Bellini

Healing the Luminous Body means clearing, realigning and calling our essence back into resonance.

This is done by working with the whole system, clearing through the layers of an individual’s energetic, mental, emotional and physical body & aligning the system to the luminous frequencies of the Individual’s soul essence.
The luminous energy field surrounds our physical body and within it is stored the imprints of our thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions and all of the experiences we have had in our  present & past lives.

Trauma, injury, conflict, crisis, stress and negative/destructive patterns are all imprinted into our energetic field. Over time, these manifest in our energetic field as physical tension and pain, emotional stress, illness, dis-ease and feelings of being ‘stuck’ in struggles in relationships and life.
Our conscious mind may be unaware of this trauma. It may have happened many years ago, or even in a past life we carry the imprints into our present lives. The memory is carried in the unconscious mind, within our tissues, at the energetic levels. These continue to impact our lives until the energetic imprint is cleared and the void filled with healing light.

By working with the luminous energy field to clear, re-balance and align our system from within, shifts happen on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This healing is subtle yet profound and works with the chakra system, energy and subtle body at the soul level

Healing the Luminous body can help:

Release stress, pain, injury, grief, negative patterns, depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, illness, sexual issues, PTSD,
Dis empowerment, death urge & attachments.
Healing the LEF helps explore higher dimensions of consciousness, quality of life & relationships.
This can be done both in person and from distance.

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