Goddess Ascencion

“The spirit that never dies is called the Mysterious Feminine
 Although She becomes the whole Universe, her immaculate purity is never lost.
Although She assumes countless forms, her true identity remains intact ….
Listen to Her voice … hear it echo through Creation!”
– 6th Verse of the Tao

A programme created for deeply nourishing the body, mind & soul of a woman. Here you will know & understand your inherent strengths. You will understand all that holds you back from experiencing the life you desire & becoming the most authentic version of yourself. You will connect to various Goddess archetypes and awaken the corresponding hidden qualities Goddess within you.

You will let go of beliefs & patterns that no longer serve you & step into your empowered Self. You will discover & nurture your talents. You will experience liberation & joy in your own sexuality. You will arise into a more confident, creative, embodied, empowered & sensual woman. You will experience a shift within yourself and find your relationship to your partner, children, career, finances & health are improving miraculously. You will no longer be energetically controlled by old Patriarchal thoughts.

If you are drawn to this beautiful process & would like to start your individual journey, please Contact us

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