Male Body Wisdom & Shamanic Healing

Body Wisdom Healing (BWH) is a subtle yet powerful form of bodywork that can bring about deep and lasting changes, insights, healing and personal evolution.

Know the Male body wisdom. According to the old Patriarchal thought & philosophy a male had to be strong and tough. Aggressiveness & stoicism were treasured qualities. There was no room for gentleness, softness or showing emotions.  A person who was sensitive and gentle & could shed tears was mocked, shamed and called a ‘sissy’ or a woman. He was rejected in society and his fraternity.

Down the ages unreleased emotions found places in certain sensitive places in a Man’s body. Sadness, anger, shame, guilt etc. were frozen and crystalized in the male body. These emotions became a part of the DNA and were passed down generation after generation.

Emotional wounding is also the leading cause for intimacy problems in men.
Emotional wounding can start as early as birth and often happens, unwittingly, at the hands of women. Like all wounds, emotional wounds are imprinted in our body, and often show up for men in the base chakra.

An effective approach to men’s sexual healing is through a heart massage which involves massaging the whole upper thoracic area, especially under the armpits which is where men store lots of emotions. These areas are governed by the heart chakra. Partners can easily learn how to do a heart massage on a man and help heal some of their sexual wounds.

Much of male wounding that shows up in sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, is really a symptom that masks the real cause of the wounding which is usually emotional. Many dis-eases running in the family were blamed on genetic factors. However the secret killer that is frozen energies/emotions were not known till recent times.

These frozen energies manifest as:

Cardiac problems
Sexual dysfunctionality
Blood pressure
Brain strokes

To avoid Feeling his feelings a man works harder, smokes more & indulges in addiction. He distances himself from his loved ones to avoid rejection and pain. He wears the masque of aggression & indifference to hide his vulnerability.

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