Healing & Anchoring the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine

“I looked in Temples, Churches and Mosques. I found the Divine in my heart.” Rumi

Feminine and Masculine energies exist within all of us.
An Awakened Consciousness and a well-balanced Feminine & Masculine within us is our portal to anchoring the Divinity within us.

Both feminine and masculine divinities are simply healed expressions, or attributes of our recognized and embodied oneness.

Women and men alike will display these characteristics to the degree they have healed guilt and fear and embraced Love. As we heal we integrate both the divine masculine and feminine as one within.

Eventually as we advance in our trust this deep inner merge will be recognized as genderless – a state of inner divine androgyny.
The divine feminine and masculine have nothing to do with the body except to help to re-purpose and transcend it. They symbolize the healed qualities or characteristics of God’s one undivided and innocent Child.

Have a look at the points below, can you identify with any of them?
Do you feel that you are too soft or too aggressive?
Do you feel out of touch with our own inherent power?
Do you get into power struggles with people in your intimate relationships, colleagues, friends, even strangers?
Do you feel you are not completely in alignment with your mind, heart and bodies?
Do the opposite sex persons trigger deep emotions within you?
Do the same sex people trigger deep emotions within you?
Do you always want to prove things and be right?
Do you prefer to work alone rather than with a team?
Is your behavior completely opposite at home and outside?
Do you build an image and try to stick to it at any cost?
Do you rebel at authority figures or are you over compliant?
Do you feel judged or judge others often?
Do you find it difficult to form deep and lasting friendships & relationships?
Do you feel betrayed by people of your own or opposite sex?
Do you feel men are this way only or women are that way only?
Do you try to compartmentalize and box people and situations?
Were you closer to one parent and distant from another?
Are you closer to your children of your own gender, opposite gender or to both genders equally?
Are you more comfortable with friends/coworkers of the same sex, opposite sex or both?
Do you feel men and women have fixed roles and identities?
Are you comfortable discussing intimate/secret issues with your own sex, opposite sex or both?

If you have responded Yes! to either of the above you may want to explore the causes. The feminine and masculine aspects within you are calling out for balance and healing.

The unseen and shadow aspects within you may not be allowing you to live a complete and well-adjusted life.
In the dream of duality the unhealed or shadow sides of the masculine & feminine polarities have warred with each other since the beginning of time. Each projecting onto the other that which is within itself, & is unwilling to recognize and forgive.
Consequently each projects onto the other their own unseen, rejected and often cruel self-betrayals.

The good news is that you can return to grace of living in alignment.

As you co-create with the Divine Mother aspect of the Sacred Feminine and the Consciousness of the Divine Masculine you allow yourself to be anchored in balance.
Clear all blocks and veils in our unconscious that do not allow both sexes to integrate with their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Cut ties and heal all ancestral energy that is holding back these Divine Energies.

Remove energy overlays and heal soul memory of whatever it is in history that makes men fear and want to control women
Emotional vulnerability and intimacy, trust, patience, gentleness and joy are characteristics of the Divine Feminine. These constitute inner strength which supports nurtures and collaborates with the divine masculine’s gifts. We see these qualities equally in healed women and men.

Some of the characteristics of the Divine Masculine include honesty, accountability, tolerance, faithfulness, generosity and open-mindedness. We can see these are aspects of both healed men and women. They are certainly not specific to one gender or another.

“When the Sacred Masculine is merged with the sacred feminine inside each of us, we create the ‘sacred marriage’ of compassion and passion in ourselves.” – Matthew Fox

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