Primal Rebirthing

Primal Therapy helps by returning to the origins of the problem, lifting it out of the unconscious, making a conscious connection and thus integrating and resolving the pain. It is revolutionary because it involves overthrowing the neurotic system by a forceful upheaval. ….. Dr. Arthur Janov

Primal therapy uses breathing exercises and body work aimed at unlocking emotional blocks and reaching the awareness of the Being in Mind, Body and Spirit.
Painful things happen to nearly all of us early in life. These get imprinted in all systems within us, which carry the memory forward making our lives traumatic. These imprints are the cause of depression, phobias, panic and anxiety attacks and a whole host of symptoms that add to our trauma. Primal Therapy is the way into those early emotional archives and can access to those traumatic memories.
Primal rebirthing can access frozen memories from the unconscious allowing us to re-experience them in the present, & integrate them so that we are no longer driven by the unconscious.

Primal Therapy is aimed at eradicating trauma & facilitates an individual to heal her/himself. It is in essence, the first science of psychotherapy. Primal Therapy is used to treat a wide variety of neuroses, including the treatment of anxiety and depression. The aim is to return to the origins of the pain (which always goes back to a lack of love in childhood, or a trauma at birth), relive the pain, and thus heal the individual.

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